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Family Partnership

Hope Academy is a partner to families in nurturing their children’s success.

We see families as the primary teachers in their child’s life, and we believe excellence in education is only possible when families are actively involved.

To steward family involvement at Hope Academy, families are required to attend seven events throughout the year that educate, encourage, and empower them in building healthy partnerships with teachers and the larger Hope Academy community. We also offer resources to assist single parents, those facing food insecurity, non-English speakers, and others who need extra support.

Family Involvement at a Glance

Parent Covenant
Relationships With Teachers
Required Family Events

Our Parent Covenant

A foundation of partnership with families is essential at Hope Academy, and our Parent Covenant is a way to ensure equal commitment. As part of the Covenant, families agree to attend seven events each year and volunteer at least once. Overall, it ensures that families commit to supporting Hope Academy as a classical, Christian school.

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