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Tuition Partnership

At Hope Academy, tuition is customized, making it
affordable for all.

We believe everyone should have access to a remarkable, Christ-centered education.

Generous financial Partners cover 90% of our full operating costs. This allows us to work individually with families to determine a customized monthly cost that they can afford, which is reevaluated each year based on emerging financial factors. Families still invest what they can—because they believe in the value Hope Academy offers—but we are committed to making sure that investment never jeopardizes their or their child’s flourishing.

We guarantee a Hope Academy education will be affordable for your family.

Tuition Partnership Process:

  • We meet with every new family to determine a customized tuition amount based on their unique financial situation.
  • Tuition is reevaluated every year to ensure it remains affordable.
  • Financial assistance is made possible by generous financial Partners.

Hear From A Parent

My dream was always for my son to be able to go here, but I thought we couldn’t afford it. But people said, ‘Karen, they have sponsors and Partners who will help you.’ So, my son graduated from Hope Academy.”
Karen Willins, Hope Academy Parent

Every student is matched with a generous Partner.

Beyond giving to support students’ tuition cost, each Hope Academy Partner engages with a student face-to-face all the way through graduation. Along with an initial time to connect with their students, Partners are invited to two Partner Days each year to hear student stories and offer encouragement. Each student shares their gratitude and successes with their Partner, writing notes throughout their time at Hope Academy.

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